Every month your will get a new coloring book and some great coloring supplies.


2-8 full size items curated by us and sent to you to color with.


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The April Color Box will be full of fun, You never know what you might receive, including new coloring books & coloring supplies maybe even some goodies, Everything you need to relax, unwind and keep coloring. Delivered right to you EVERY MONTH for you to enjoy!

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How often will I get this box?

Once a month. On about the 15th of every month when "RETIREMENT" has arrived we will BEGIN sending out adult color boxes

Is it only Coloring supplies?

No , however we focus our adult color boxes on the newest and best coloring books and supplies, but often we will include fun items that we are sure you will love.

What's in the box?

GREAT! full size items for you to color with, create & enjoy

Plus some chances to WIN PRIZES EVERY MONTH!!