Our Story

Our coloring obsession began out of the need for a holistic and relaxing approach to health and life. And it was then the Color Company was created.


We are constantly testing and searching for the latest and greatest coloring products and want to share each one with you.


The adult color box is a monthly subscription service intended for adult Colorist. Our goal is to provide adult colorist with easy access to coloring supplies.


Each month you’ll receive coloring supplies, such as full size Adult Coloring books, fine tip markers, colored pencils, gel pens, glitter gel pens, and other supplies for you to explore. We would love for you to share your finished colored pictures with us, so we can feature them on our website. Submit your work to @adultcolorbox  and we'll get back to you and display as soon as possible.

Our Promise: 

High Quality Coloring Products.